Analysis of Variance and Regression for Health Researchers

Course Description, Spring 2009

The course gives a review of elementary techniques for normally distributed data from the course in basic statistics. These are extended to topics such as the general linear model, nonlinear regression, logistic regression, variance component models, and models for measurements repeated over time.

An introduction to programming in SAS will be given during the first two days of the course, and there will be computer exercises with SAS. A CD-Rom with SAS may be borrowed from the course secretary, room 10.2.25 at Kommunehospitalet.

Some of the topics are covered in text books, but these are not mandatory.

Copies of the slides must be downloaded from these pages before each lecture!

Usually, there will be one course and in the spring and one in the fall. The spring versions are given in English.


Course secretary

Susanne Kragskov Laupstad, Dept. of Biostatistics. Phone: 35327901, Fax: 35327907

Course organizer

Peter Dalgaard, Dept. of Biostatistics. Phone: 35327918, Fax 35327907