Plasma data

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This datafile contains 315 observations on 14 variables. This data set can be used to demonstrate multiple regression, transformations, categorical variables, outliers, pooled tests of significance and model building strategies.

Variable Names

In order from left to right:

Variable Explanation (Unit)
age Age (years)
sex Sex (1=Male, 2=Female).
smokstat Smoking status (1=Never, 2=Former, 3=Current Smoker)
quetelet Quetelet (weight/(height2))
vituse Vitamin Use (1=Yes, 2=Sometimes, 3=No)
calories Number of calories consumed per day.
fat Grams of fat consumed per day.
fiber Grams of fiber consumed per day.
alcohol Number of alcoholic drinks consumed per week.
cholesterol Cholesterol consumed (mg per day).
betadiet Dietary beta-carotene consumed (mcg per day).
retdiet Dietary retinol consumed (mcg per day)
betaplasma Plasma beta-carotene (ng/ml)
retplasma Plasma Retinol (ng/ml)


The data can be downloaded in different formats. Choose one:

Format Download
text space separated Plasma.txt
text comma separated Plasma.csv
R data format Plasma.rda


Thanks to StatLib and Therese A Stuke who contributed this data set.

Last update: 01 Nov 2018 by Thomas Alexander Gerds.